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Diary of a dangerously unhinged bastard

[ 12 May 2014 | No Comments | ]

The WE MAKE MOVIES podcast has a discussion on horror musicals and they say some real nice things about yours truly and The Dead Inside. If you want to see what they say skip to 52.20 in the video, but the entire podcast is worth a listen/watch. All good stuff.

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[ 24 Mar 2014 | No Comments | ]
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She’ll leave you stiff…with rigamortis!

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[ 22 Mar 2014 | No Comments | ]

Guess what everyone! I have a brand new short film launching on the ol’ internet this Monday! It’s called Poison Pussy cat and it will melt your hard-boiled brain. Here is a little teaser GIF to wet your whistle until then.

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[ 25 Feb 2014 | No Comments | ]
Sarah Uke

An update video for filmmaker Travis Betz (umm…me) and his company DrexelBox Films. Today I talk about the brand new DrexelBox Website AND I have a special guest! Actress/songstress Sarah Lassez drops by to chit chat and sing a song.  This shit is gonna be fun.

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[ 19 Feb 2014 | No Comments | ]
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Hey everyone! My film company’s website got a fancy new upgrade. Head on over and check it out. There’s lot’s of projects from me as well as other DrexelBox members. While you’re there be sure to sign up on the email list so you know when and where you can see our future works.
There’s a helluva lotta irons in a red hot cauldron over at DrexelBox, so you can and should expect amazing things.

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[ 12 Feb 2014 | 2 Comments | ]

Or at least according to this intelligent and thoughtful review of Lo on Amazon. I actually love getting reviews like this, as they remind me how different we all are and also how silly some people can be. If I’m offending someone then I’m doing my job. What truly irks me about the review isn’t the “liberal agenda” or the call to Satanism (sigh), but the fact that this ignorant little coward is so insecure about the film, that they needed to go and spoil the twist ending in their …

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[ 11 Feb 2014 | No Comments | ]
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I received a Google alert this morning informing me that a bad ass little bar in Brooklyn, New York is screening my demon love story, Lo! I did a little digging on the place and found out they have a T.A.R.D.I.S. in the bar, and do screenings of Doctor Who and other British sci-fi on a regular basis. I am honored to have my film screened at a place that appreciates the finer things in life. I wish I could be there.

If YOU live in or near Brooklyn, get your …

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