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One strange evening, Justin’s girlfriend, April, is kidnapped by demons and dragged away to Hell. Finding an ancient book hidden among her things, Justin summons a surly demon named Lo to help him get her back. Lo, however, has other plans for the tasty human, and a battle of wills begins. Justin is determined to find his love, and not even a talking hand, dancing bartender, human-sized rat, tortured souls, and a doo-wop demon band will deter him.

Lo is a delightful, genre-bending love story that will leave you giggling one moment and covering your eyes the next.

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The Dead Inside

Wes is a burned out photographer paying the bills shooting weddings. Fi is the author of a series of zombie novellas The Dead Survive. They are lovers who, at one time, were at the top of their creative game, but have recently misplaced their muse. When Fi begins to show signs of mental illness, Wes does everything in his power to help her get better. However, darker forces lurk inside her, exposing the horrifying truth behind Fi’s affliction. Fighting against a disturbed entity, they rediscover inspiration in the grimmest corners of this musical horror story.

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Three boys set out to create the devil…

Kelby Unger doesn’t sleep much—the nightmares are too intense. An evil from his past still lingers in the shadows of his mind, whispering for him to return. When his father dies, the nightmares get their wish when Kelby returns home for the funeral. The childhood friends he left behind are waiting for him—an unwanted reunion. Soon the mystery of what they did together as kids begins to unravel one strand at a time, sending Kelby into a fever dream of madness.

Joshua is a grueling and demented tale of childhood gone horribly wrong.

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Little Graves

After a year of being away, a man returns to his decaying small town because his wife continues to leave him voice messages, telling him to ‘come home’. The only problem—she’s been dead for as long as he’s been gone.

Little Graves is currently in post-production.